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Your own E-Insurance Business

Start making money by selling insurance policies on a website of your own, customized to your needs

Non-Technical & Easy-to-Use

You don't need to be tech savvy or even be an insurance expert; we've got automated systems to set up your business in a few clicks!

You Control Your Business

We give you a autonomy with a real website to integrate all marketing tools, boost your brand online and maximizing your profits

What Does it Take?

It's a simple process: Pick a name for your business, we get your e-insurance website running, you start selling policies and earning money

How It Works

Register for an account, we set up your own E-Insurance website as a verified insurance broker and you start running your own insurance business. It's that simple!

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Getting Started

How to register, information we require and your agreement with us.



What, when and how you get paid, how much commission we offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We own neither domain names nor hosting space, so you'll have to pay 9,900 FCFA for these. That's all we'll ever ask from you. Setting up of your website is free.
As much as your marketing skills can get you. You make money from every insurance policy you sell, so the more you can sell, the bigger your earnings.
Absolutely! We're giving you the power of the virtual world to accomplish tasks your competitors would have to displace themselves to accomplish.

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